This year Minuteman Security Technologies is celebrating 30 years of experience designing, installing and supporting advanced electronic security systems. Operating out of 8 regional support offices, and 11 technical support depots throughout the United States, Minuteman is a SD&I Fast 50 security systems integrator.

Access Control Systems

Get the Access Control System you need. Access control systems’ keep unauthorized people out and to let authorized users through. Our systems allow or deny access to authorized users and track who comes and…

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IP Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been a key component of safety and security groups for many organizations. As an application, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits countless times by providing re…

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Emergency Coms

Minuteman designs and installs emergency communications systems for public safety. Whether your situation requires an emergency telephone intercom, a mass notification system or a campus-wide security commun…

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About Us

Minuteman Security Technologies is a leader in enterprise security systems. We specialize in a diverse range of advanced security management systems & solutions for a broad range of clients, including.

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Our Products & Services

Minuteman Security Technologies offers a wide array of products and services to meet each client’s unique needs.


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