Minuteman offers the most comprehensive and advanced security solutions available for both public and private transit systems and stations, safeguarding not only passengers and drivers but also your organization’s reputation. Our systems also allow for defensive protection against illegitimate or unreasonable liability claims.

State of the art security is more important than ever in today’s atmosphere of heightened terrorism risk where unprotected public or private mass transportation are particularly vulnerable. Real-time high-resolution video monitoring of a vehicle’s interior via highspeed cellular transmission is available not only to remote control centers but to any approaching law enforcement vehicle at the touch of a button.

  • Police/Security command and control consoles
  • Access control card readers
  • Platform and station video surveillance
  • Mobile LTE video surveillance systems
  • Platform security
    • “Blue light” call stations
    • Video Surveillance

Our scalable solutions will help protect your assets from accidents and vandalism and deter passenger on passenger crimes including theft or assault. Vehicle drivers and operators will have additional peace of mind and any negligent behavior will be easily discoverable and therefore discouraged. Ridership and sales will be boosted with passenger security.