Minuteman has decades of experience working with healthcare facilities, providing critical and comprehensive protection to hundreds of large healthcare facilities nationwide. Patients in residence, medical records, medications, valuable equipment, laboratories and more make health care facilities and their employees particularly vulnerable to a variety of security threats.

Paying close attention to HIPAA regulations, our experienced team will use the latest technology available to engineer customized solutions covering every unique aspect of your health care operations, including:

  • System design and installation
  • Preventative maintenance and service plans
  • Asset Tracking (EAS & RTLS)
  • HUGS infant protection systems
  • Access control solutions to protect sensitive areas and critical assets including;
    • Card access control
    • Biometric access control
    • Visitor control
    • ID Badge credential systems
    • Parking facilities
    • Ballistic and blast resistant doors and glass
  • Video surveillance and monitoring with intelligent analytics
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Police/Security Command & Control Consoles
  • Emergency Lock down solutions
  • Staff protection and panic buttons