With large amounts of cash at stake, casinos are rich targets for crime, fraud or false liability claims. Furthermore, guests are often drinking, celebrating, and/or distracted by gambling and entertainment and are therefore easy targets for predators and petty criminals. Protecting valuable assets, limiting liability and ensuring guest safety are all paramount.

Minuteman’s systems utilize high-definition cameras for comprehensive and detailed recorded surveillance of gaming areas and individual tables, capable of zooming in on any suspicious activity. Extremely advanced facial recognition software allows operators to monitor entrance of high-value clients or problematic clients and respond accordingly. Other security measures include:

  • Access control of all areas with detailed and variable permissions credentials
  • Valuable information management tools to analyze behavioral and consumption patterns and trends
  • Emergency notification systems including hold up alarms
  • “Blue light” emergency call stations
  • Intrusion and vault alarm systems

Our solutions can leverage existing architecture as needed and are easily scalable. Perimeter security and parking facility monitoring include state of the art license plate recognition and facial recognition software. Entertainment venues and auditoriums are given particular attention to incorporate measures to protect from an active shooter or other terrorist threats.

Minuteman currently secures a group of the nation’s oldest casinos in Las Vegas.