What is Vigilance Software?

  • Vigilance Software developed its emergency notification system after almost 40 years of experience in the life safety, security, surveillance, and communication industry.  We have a uniquely in-depth understanding of the industries.

  • Vigilance Software helps organizations respond to critical incidents quickly and easily by alerting staff and providing crucial communications when needed most.

  • Using our desktop, mobile, or web app, users can send alerts, warning others or requesting help with the click of a button.

  • Once an alert is initiated, staff are instantly notified via desktop alerts, mobile notifications, text, email, and more.

  • Our system connects to existing alarms, communications, paging, and security systems automating actions such as voice evacuation, building lockdowns, computer alerts, and emergency responses.

What Client Notification Tools Are Available?

Desktop AppWeb ClientMobile App
Offers a movable, customizable desktop interface that contains all of the alerts and tasks configured by your administrators.Our web client offers a chat feature where users can easily and quickly communicate back and forth and send updates during a crisis.With the ability to utilize our Emergency Notification System from a mobile device, you can send and receive alerts while on the go.

How Does It Work?

1. Initiate

The process begins with the initiation of an alert. This can be done through our software, external integrated software, or a physical input such as a panic button or digital PPE. Alerts types are completely customizable to meet each organization’s needs.

2. Notify

Vigilance Software immediately notifies employees and management via email, mobile notification, text, and desktop alerts.

3. Take Action

Triggering alert actions on your existing life safety and communications systems is one of the things that sets our emergency notification system apart. You can customize each alert to include multiple actions such as building-wide paging, building lockdown, police response, medical response, and more.

Sample Workflow

Integrated Viral Illness Isolation System

  • Continuous monitoring of body temperature & other pertinent physiological user data.

  • Sensor data from human resilience and recovery functions.

  • Data includes body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate and heart rate variability.

  • Current & historical trends recorded and stored within smart phone via Bluetooth and in the cloud.

  • Illness prediction algorithm analyzes health daily.

  • Studied by UCSF for COVID-19 virus infection prediction with San Francisco General Hospital, as well as West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (NRI). Data indicates early detection of up to 2-4 days prior to onset of the disease.

*See live study press releases at www.oura.com

  • Illness data stored in the cloud for retrieval by the Vigilance notification system.

  • Early illness health alert notification sent to security& health/safety staff.

  • Automatic facility access control denial.

About Oura Ring (Digital PPE)

  • MSRP $299 (volume discounts apply).

  • Monthly health monitoring fees apply.

  • Personal sizes available (6-13 US).

  • Available in black & silver (optional stealth black)

  • 7-day battery life w/quick inductive charger.

  • Biophysical sensor features include:
    • Sleep and steps data
    • Resting heart rate 
    • Heart rate variability (HRV)
    • Respiratory rate
    • Body temperature
    • Illness predictability algorithm

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • Bluetooth smartphone application and cloud application for viewing data.

Vigilance Oura Ring Integration

  • Oura summarizes your health data into meaningful scores that help you harness your body’s potential every day.
  • Advanced technology monitors your temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and heart rate variability, delivering a holistic picture of your health.
  • Vigilance Software queries actionable health alerts from Oura’s secure database (Illness predictability body temperature algorithm).
  • Health concern notifications are sent to both the employee and employer via automatic notification system.
  • Access Control System is informed to deny entry to the infected employee.
  • Further actionable protocols are put into action.

Interested in Learning More?

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