Driving Security Innovation Aboard Boston Buses
Security Technology Executive November/December 2014 Vol. 24/no.5 (pg. 20)

Sescurity Executive

Greater Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority extends video surveillance on buses and provides access to multiple agencies to enhance mass transit and public safety

Many people know the city of Boston for its his­torical implication in the onset of American lib­erty; yet, many are unaware Boston is also the birthplace of American mass transportation. It all began with a fa mily-operated ferry service in 1631 which served to lessen the travel time between the Boston peninsula and other parts of the mainland.

Today, the Massachusetts Bay Transporta­tion Authority, often referred to as the MBTA, operates a massive fleet of sophisticated vehi­cles including buses, subways, commuter rails and ferries in the greater Boston area. The entire mass transit system accommodates more than 1.3 million passenger trips each weekday, ranking the MBTA as the nation’s fifth-largest mass transit system.

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