Just as advancing technology is allowing mankind to further explore our solar system and beyond, so too is it opening up more earthbound security frontiers. Four integrator commanders discuss the gravity of swift market changes and strategies to blast their businesses into successful orbits.
By Scott Goldfine


As those who have been engaged in roller coasters, extreme sports or fast cars can attest, there is often a thin line between thrills and chills. The stimulation emanates from speed and sudden, often unexpected changes — dynamics also at play right now in the security integration business. The rapid, accelerating pace of new technologies, devices, systems, services, sales models and competitors is a double-edged sword serving up both thrilling opportunities and chilling challenges. Those who can’t keep up may find themselves shouting out their best George Jetson impression: “Get me off this crazy thing!”

That space-age treadmill is an appropriate metaphor for how some security integrators are feeling today about trying to stay on top of new technology and associated shifts while still juggling all the usual challenges and demands in operating a profitable business. “Once you’re on that treadmill, you’re paying people a lot of money and going down that technology road and constantly on the leading, and perhaps sometimes bleeding, edge of technology,” says Joe Lynch, CEO of Minuteman Security Technologies, Inc. DBA Minuteman Security and Life Safety in Andover, Mass. “It’s nerve-racking because there’s no getting off that treadmill once you start.”

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